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​Bluestar Silicones Oil & Gas solutions.

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High-performance products for extreme conditions

Oil & Gas OEMs and their tier suppliers need solutions that protect their rigs and onboard electronics to withstand the harsh extremes of onshore, offshore, and subsea Oil & Gas exploration. They know that high-performance silicone products can greatly improve equipment performance and productivity, while preventing losses and reducing maintenance costs and downtime.                      

Bluesil® greases, compounds and elastomers are ideal for a wide range of applications, in extreme temperature and mechanical stress conditions, to ensure:

  • General assembly - CAF® sealing of exposed parts (joints and flanges), anti-vibration protection, bonding, anti-damping, etc.

  • Insulation, coating, potting and sealing of electrical and electronic components

  • Lubrication of valves, gears and mechanical devices

Bluestar Silicones also provides Silcolapse® Foam control agents and Bluesil® Fluids for Oil & Gas applications to improve overall productivity. For example, these additives are used in lubricants, drilling fluids and muds, gas and oil separators, water and effluent treatment, distillation, desalting, dehydration and many other applications.

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Oil & Gas



Antifoam / DefoamerA blue antifoam liquid solution with bubblesSilcolapse® antifoams and defoamers.Antifoam / Defoamer
Chemical IntermediatesA BluestarSilicones Chemist wearing a white coat and protection glasses, preparing a silicone based solution in his lab.Silicone intermediates actively enhance chemical products.Chemical Intermediates
Drilling FluidAn oil drilling rig.Efficient, durable solutions to enhance your productivity and process reliability. Drilling Fluid
Hoses & TubesClose on the inside of a tube using silicone based technology.Bluestar Silicones Hoses & Tubing Elastomers.Hoses & Tubes
Potting & EncapsulationA printed circuit board.Electronics are increasingly present in our lives, from transport to handheld digital devices, via smart lighting systems and electrical grids.Potting & Encapsulation
Raw MaterialsClose on transparent silicon containing bubbles.How can silicone raw materials improve chemical manufacturing ?Raw Materials
Sealing, Bonding & Industrial AssemblyPicture of a white industrial robotic arm in a top end technological factory.​Industrial Sealing and Bonding Applications.Sealing, Bonding & Industrial Assembly



Defoamer for Chemical IndustriesA blue antifoam liquid solution with bubbles -for-Chemical-Industries.aspxDefoamer for Chemical IndustriesThe chemical industry has to produce a growing range of sustainable products using very different processes that use less essential resources. Our Silcolapse® line is used as a defoamer in numerous processes.



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