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Silicones from head to toe

Textile manufacturers, clothing designers, garment makers, tanneries, leather goods manufacturers, shoemakers and sports outlets all use silicone ingredients to make and enhance their products. Silicones are used directly as process aids in their manufacturing processes, for example, to lubricate needles in high-speed sewing by garment manufacturers, and, with Silcolapse® products, to control the foam created by scouring agents in textile processing.

Bluestar Silicones enhance apparel and accoutrements:

  • Bluesil® amino-silicone fluids and emulsions impart a soft and silky feel to clothing. Silicone finishes give leather goods, such as handbags, a smooth luxury feel and keep them looking good by improving mar and abrasion resistance.

  • Bluesil® TCS anti-slip products keep stockings in place, not sliding down legs.

  • Leather tanned with Bluesil® FLD 1669 makes hiking boots waterproof yet breathable.

Product solving
Textile and Leather



Aeronautics & AerospacePicture of a jet engine.Bluestar Silicones Aeronautics and Aerospace solutions.Aeronautics & Aerospace
FashionA sewing machine used by the fashion industry.Silicones provide the final touch.Fashion
InksA tattoo machine with colored silicone inks.Bluestar Silicones formulations for inks and coatings last longer, provide spectacular colors and are environmentally friendly. Inks
LeatherSewing machine sewing an artificial leather.Silicones Protect and Enhance Leather. Leather
MarineA boat approaching an offshore marine platform to stock some fuel.Silicones are widely used in shipping, for leisure crafts and for offshore oil & gas rigs for their performance features and to withstand harsh environmental conditions. Marine
Paint & CoatingsVarious coloured open tubes of painting.​How do Bluestar Silicones improve paints and coatings?Paint & Coatings
Printing & ConvertingA printing pad roller.Printing and converting companies depend on Bluestar Silicones to facilitate their web-processing applications.Printing & Converting
SportswearA group of runners trying out their new silicone coated sportswear.Silicones boost the performance of sportswear, making everyone feel better and more comfortable when they practice their favorite sports activities.Sportswear
Technical TextilesA waterrepealent red technical textile with drop of water beading on it without infiltrating.Silicones are ideal for coating technical textiles. They are versatile, easy to process and provide durable and innovative performance features. Technical Textiles



Silicone Anti-Slip: Conveyor BeltsPicture of a convoyer belt full of bakery deserts set on an antislip surface. Anti-Slip: Conveyor BeltsBluestar Silicones provides a full line of silicone anti-slip conveyer belts that are durable and safe for food processing application.



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Artificial Leather Coating SolutionsSewing machine sewing an artificial leather. Artificial Leather Coating SolutionsBluestar Silicones coating for faux leather : Durable and Ecofriendly solutions.
Anti-Slip Conveyor Textile BeltsA convoyer belt with silicone antislip coating in action. Conveyor Textile BeltsA Food grade silicone coating with non-slip and release properties for conveyor belts.