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Bluestar Silicones : R&D, Technologies & Innovations

 R&D in Bluestar silicones is one of the main pillars for the development of new innovative products giving to our partners and customers a competitive advantage in a wide range of technologies and application. To support these developments and for answering quickly to your needs:

The Competencies Centre in Lyon (France) and the 8 worldwide R&D centres are networked and share intimately their results through an e-collaborative platform.

WW experts in process & technologies have among their missions to coordinate the actions in their field of expertise.

To enhance our internal and external communication and to have the right level of information, the same organisation was implemented in all the centres.

The success for the development of new products is linked to 2 main factors:

  • The Project management to ensure the robustness and the competitiveness of our solutions.
  • The Incubators projects which are the foundations for our technologies or for the developments of new ones.


Different levels of development are defined :

  • Short term – Your needs fit with one of our product. Our Tech service teams will do the best recommendations. They will help you in the use of this product.
  • Medium term – Some modifications or new formulations have to be developed by our design labs for existing products. We will identify together your specifications and your timeline to answer quickly to your needs.
  • Long term – Mainly through a structured partnership, we will launch together a new and confidential project for co-developing a new product, being a real breakthrough for your market. 


Toxicology & Eco-toxicology :

  • Because of our own HSE policy & the compliance with regulations, we anticipate some potential risks by modifying our formulations to offer you safer products.

The relationships with external consultants or laboratories allow us to identify in a short period of time, new technologies or new developments in an existing technology. These collaborations are keys for our long term developments and your new solutions.    



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