Bluestar Silicones is one of the main worldwide integrated silicones producers with leading positions on high added value speciality markets such as performance elastomers (moulding, paramedical, automotive industry) release coatings (for packaging, adhesives) or fabric coating (airbags, technical fabrics, lace coating).

Bluestar Silicones’ performance and sustainability involves the quest for customer satisfaction and continuous improvement of its competitiveness whilst complying with current laws and regulations in its internal procedures in terms of quality, health, safety, conditions at work and environmental protection.

Bluestar Silicones’ QHSE management policy involves mastering and continually improving the performance of all of its processes.  It is intended to identify, assess, rank and prevent all risks by a systematic approach that covers:

  •     injury to people,   
  •     damage to health and hygiene at work,  
  •     product quality and/or customer service,  
  •     safety of processes and products,  
  •     compliance with laws, standards and procedures,  
  •     material and financial damage,  
  •     control of transport operations, 
  •     reduction of environmental impact,  
  •     prevention of accidental situations and major risks.
Members of the enterprise’s executive team are committed to ensuring and measuring this implementation in all actions, by combining all of the relevant partners: customers, staff, representatives (e.g. in France the CHSCT committee), neighbouring communities, the CHSCT, external contractors and suppliers, and to monitor the efficiency during reviews on objectives, targets and progress plans.

The enterprise is also committed to:

  •     Developing the extent to which it listens to customers and those concerned.   
  •     Measuring and improving the quality of its products and services at the best possible cost and complying with its commitments on timeframes.   
  •     Continuously improving the efficiency of all of these processes.  
  •     Continuing process control actions.  

Bluestar Silicones knows that it can count on its employees to continue its development in the daily control of safety and quality in order to ensure that the actions set up are really operational and integrated in each person’s behaviour. This mobilisation can be seen in different ways on a day to day basis:

  •     Feeding back information.
  •     Submitting improvement suggestions. 
  •     Involving staff in breakthrough projects using specific methodologies.
All of these processes are currently being rolled out on a worldwide level with the aim of meeting the requirements for a citizen and responsible company - which is what Bluestar Silicones wants to be.


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