Oilfield and Petrochemicals

Bluestar Silicones have set itself the mission of partnering its customers in jointly developing tailor-made solutions to best meet their functional requirements. Besides its outstanding expertise in Silicones technology, Silicones also gives its customers access to other technologies and expertise within the group.
Bluestar Silicones understands your desire for differentiation, and you will be amazed by how our systems can help. What we care about is what you need, put our team to the Test!
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The oil and natural gas industry is frequently confronted with foaming problems, most often caused by natural surfactants present in hydrocarbons: asphaltenes. Our silicone antifoams improve overall productivity both when drilling, extracting, producing and during purification and separation process. Our silicone formulations are classed non-toxic on aquatic systems for algae and marine fauna.


Our silicone polyethers are excellent Demulsifiers in the production of crude oil.