Paper and Film


SILCOLEASE® silicone release coatings are used in a multitude of applications involving Pressure Sensitive Adhesives (PSA’s) and other tacky materials.
These formulated systems coat easily and cure quickly onto a broad range of paper or film substrates to give the release properties required in diverse applications.
In an industry with an infinite combination of possible substrates, adhesives and manufacturing processes, the technical challenges can only be met by the widest range of silicone release materials.

The SILCOLEASE® range is unique in its ability to cover all technologies used in silicone release coatings. Click here
Solventless Thermal :  Pt catalysed vinyl reactive polymers.
Solventless Radiation : Epoxy chemistry with cationic cure, Acrylate chemistry with free radical cure.
Emulsion : Both Pt and Tin catalysed systems
Solvent : Both Pt and Tin catalysed systems
Within these product groups there are comprehensive ranges of base polymers, crosslinkers, catalysts, release modifiers and other performance additives to tailor our SILCOLEASE® release system to meet your needs.


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Labelstock  is the largest application and covers the following end applications:
The function of the label is typically decoration and information
- Primary labels for foodstuffs, beverages, cosmetics or other general consumer goods.
- Price labels
- Bar-code labels
- Security labels – void, hologram.
- Smart labels – RFID, heat sensor labels

PSA Tapes

PSA Tapes that need a release silicone are used in wide and varied applications.
- Double sided tapes for fixing and bonding
- Flying splice in paper industry
- Electronic applications
- Automotive applications

Medical & Hygiene

Silicone release coatings prove vital to allow the use of self-adhesive products for end products that are easy and efficient to use.
- Closures for feminine hygiene products, baby diapers and incontinence inserts.
- Sticking Plasters
- ECG & EEG electrodes
- Disposable surgical gowns

Graphic Arts & decorative labels

Graphic Arts & decorative labels have grown rapidly in recent years. They rely on silicone release coatings with a specific performance.
- Vehicle decoration
- Advertising panels
- Building decoration and protection

Industrial & other consumer goods

Applications are wide and varied and silicone release liners offer gains in productivity and ease of use in many areas. 
- Interleaving applications
- Roofing (bitumen)
- Insulation tapes
- Self-adhesive stamps
- Envelopes

Food release & cooking papers

Food release & cooking papers Offering a non- migratory non-stick surface these papers take an ever growing role in industrial and household cooking applications.
The very low toxicity and excellent biocompatibility of silicones means that they are fully compliant with all regulatory requirements for such applications.
- Baking paper
- Cooking trays
- Food interleaving sheets

Antifoam for pulp production

High performance silicone antifoams are widely used in paper mills to significantly improve overall production process productivity in this process that uses a large amount of water with a high organic matter content with recycling.