Water treatments

Silicone antifoams prevent foam formation during effluent treatment without damaging micro-organisms used in waste water treatment.
B luestar Silicones have set itself the mission of partnering its customers in jointly developing tailor-made solutions to best meet their functional requirements. Besides its outstanding expertise in Silicones technology, Silicones also gives its customers access to other technologies and expertise within the group.
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Foam control is a major concern for all waste water treatment plants and silicone antifoams have proven their effectiveness in this sector.
High performance for instant foam control with a long lasting effect compared with organic antifoams, Bluestar’s silicone antifoams have been used for many years in both domestic and industrial waste water treatment plants.
In most cases, silicone antifoams are used in the biological part of the treatment, but depending on the plant configuration, they can also be used at other stages. The harmless nature of silicones and their very low oxygen consumption help our customers to comply with the strictest environmental standards.