Aeronautic and Aerospace

Resistance for ultimate temperature, extreme environment, chemical stability and durability, these are the profiles that Bluestar Silicones can provide for you! In the Aeronautic and aerospace, the margin for error is zero! We can offer you top-quality silicone-based products for your business, and, that is not ALL!
Bluestar Silicones have set itself the mission of partnering its customers in jointly developing tailor-made solutions to best meet their functional requirements. Besides its outstanding expertise in Silicones technology, Silicones also gives its customers access to other technologies and expertise within the group.
Bluestar Silicones understands your desire for differentiation, and you will be amazed by how our systems can help. What we care about is what you need, put our team to the Test!
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Engine Gasketing

Aeronautics is requiring numerous gaskets for fluids and lubricating fluids. The thermal and chemical stability of silicone elastomers makes them unique candidates to ensure durability of these gaskets.
Bluestar Silicones has developed a unique range of materials for the following technologies :   
  • Cured in Place Gaskets (CiPG) with CAF® RTV-1 range;
  • Formed in Place Gaskets (FiPG) with CAF® AXAD activated RTV-1 range.
Our expertise in this field is covering the material performances, the recommendation on the design of the parts and the partnership with dispensing equipment manufacturers for implementation on the industrial line.

Windows Gasketing

Bluestar Silicones has developed suitable materials for encapsulated windows gaskets manufacturing used in aeronautics and aerospace industry. 
CAF® Activated RTV-1 range of materials has an elastic behaviour in a large temperature range and long term ageing resistance.
Cured in Place Gasket technology may also be developed with CAF® product ranges.

On board Electronics potting, protection and Encapsulant

Aeronautics and Aerospace applications are requiring more and more on board electronics devices. These devices need to be protected against harsh climatic and chemical environment.
Bluestar Silicones CAF® RTV-1, Bluesil™ ESA RTV-2, Bluesil™ Resins and Bluesil™ Pastes ranges are particularly suitable for typical automotive applications like: 
  • Protection of Printed Circuits, cable ends and electrical accessories against moisture and other fluids: encapsulation, potting and coating;
  • Heat protection and evacuation: high thermal conductivity pastes and elastomers;
  • Vibration Insulation of sensitive parts: Shock resistance and damping.
Very good dielectric characteristics giving outstanding electrical insulation properties, excellent insulation against conductive dust, hydrophobicity makes Silicone Pastes and Elastomers very effective for these application.


Covering a very wide range of viscosities, Bluestar Silicones Pastes and Greases are ideal for a host of technical applications in Aeronautics and Aerospace industry such as:
  • Lubricating devices and parts exposed to cold and hot conditions;
  • Lubricating assemblies of mechanisms (plastic/plastic, plastic/metal);
Good lubricating power in a wide range of temperatures, resistance to oxidation and corrosion, good wash-out resistance and very high drip point makes Silicone Greases unique for Aeronautics applications.  

Assembly and Maintenance

Bluestar Silicones CAF® and Bluesil™ Pastes and Greases are available in the suitable packaging for repair and maintenance :
  • Repairing when a sealed part has to be removed;
  • Bonding parts, etc.